How does it feel to be back in person at IMEX America?

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Tyrell SymsTyrell Syms"It feels amazing to be back! I was in Orlando for a meeting in August, but this is on a much larger scale. I came to be around colleagues again and for the networking—and to see what has changed and how the food is set up. It helps us meeting planners make better decisions about our own planning." — Tyrell Syms, Dscoop, Loganville, Georgia

Lisa MyersLisa Myers"It’s fantastic! It’s so good to see people again—sometimes for the first time! There is just a good energy and I’m excited to be a part of it." — Lisa Myers, Infrared Partners DMC Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ian AkersIan Akers"It is enlightening to be back in person. With mindfulness around sustainability and work-life balance, it’s interesting to see how in-person educational sessions regrow after COVID." — Ian Akers, Big Rock Productions, Woodinville, Washington

Rolando EspinozaRolando Espinoza"I was so happy to be back that I put on the brightest suit I own—and that’s saying something because I own a lot of them! It’s very relaxed and the venue staff is very knowledgeable, which is good to see. I feel very comfortable being here." — Rolando Espinoza, Champagne Creative Group, Las Vegas, Nevada