The joy of being back together

Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group
Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group

We celebrated the joy of being back together, and welcomed new friends, colleagues and partners to events including the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum, the Faculty Engagement Program in partnership with IAEE, MPI Foundation Rendezvous: The IMEX America Night and the EIC Global Awards Celebration.

“We were truly blown away by the great energy, engaging sessions, and how extremely well run and smoothly everything went. We literally LOVED it. The show gave us a sense that we have an opportunity for a Great Reset. The exhibit hall buzzed with the creative energy of people with business ideas and the pent-up energy to make them happen. Instead of feeling that the entire world is on hold, IMEX America was a starter’s pistol.”
Melissa Pavlicek, president and co-founder, Hawaii Public Policy Advocates

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us on the road to Mandalay Bay this year. It felt so incredibly extraordinarily good to be back, to see all of you out there on the show floor, to bump elbows, exchange smiles (and more than a few tears), to laugh, learn and reconnect with every single one of you.

You made this an IMEX to remember. Thank you.

We can’t wait to be back together again next year at IMEX America 2022, Oct. 11-13, at Mandalay Bay.

P.S. Look out for our post-show survey coming your way soon—our invitation to share your valuable feedback with us.